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Willi 2021 Survey

Planning for the 2021 Willi is underway. This will be the 25th of what started as a side bet amongst a small group for flying friends and has grown into an annual XC pilgrimage for many. We want it to be memorable, so are considering a few options. We appreciate your feedback before we make any final decisions. 
Option 1: The Longest Willi
The Willi has always happened during the week before the August long weekend. This year our flying days would be Saturday, July 24 through Sunday, Aug 1 (Monday, Aug 2 is a travel day). We are considering adding a second week of flying to extend the Willi, meaning you could also submit scoring flights from Sunday, Aug 2 till Saturday, Aug 7 (leaving Aug 8 as a travel day). Competition rules would remain essentially the same - your best 3 XC flights during the Willi determine your score. Extending though might allow some who can't attend during the usual week to participate and allow more opportunities to fly for those who have extra time on their hands.
1. If we extended the Willi, would you try to attend...
2. How much difference would extending the Willi make to your decision whether to attend the Willi?
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A Great Deal
Option 2: Willi/Splashdown Combo
For those who don't know, Splashdown is an annual fun competition held in Invermere, just an hour south of Golden, the weekend after the Willi closes. The Splashdown is the longest running annual free flight competition in Canada - this will be their 45th. This year's event will be held Saturday, Aug 7, with a rain day on Sunday if required. The competition side has HGs and PGs launching from Swansea peak to a target landing in the water (lake for HGs, kiddie pool for PGs) at the beach, with a large public viewing crowd on a nice day. Just as important for regulars, the organizers throw a great dinner/party afterward.

If we extend the Willi, we are exploring an option to offer a combined Willi/Splashdown registration. Interested competitors would fly in the Willi as usual, then enjoy the Splashdown. The day of the Splashdown, Aug 7, Willi XC flights could be launched from Mt 7 as usual, or from Mt Swansea. In either case, goal that day would be the beach. Final awards for the Willi would be presented at the Splashdown after-party.
3. If offered, would you be interested in...
4. How much difference would coordinating with the Splashdown make to your decision whether to attend the Willi?
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A Great Deal
5. How likely are you to attend the Willi this year?
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Not likely at all
Will be there come hell or high water!
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