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Staying Connected



Please take the time to respond to the questions that follow. The questions are all about you, your work, and our team. I will use your responses to prepare for our scheduled check-in meeting. You should know that I will see your responses just as you enter them. 

This shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes, and is probably best done in one sitting. If you get started but must leave an incomplete response, click the "Save and continue later" bar at the top of the following pages, then follow the instructions to return when you are ready. If for some reason you get disconnected, you can always click the link in the email that invited you here and you will be returned to the last page completed.

When you are done, please remember to click "Submit" on the last page to send your responses to me. You will also have an option there to have a copy of your responses emailed back to you.

Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate your openness and look forward to speaking with you about your responses.

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