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Sample CEO Assessment


Evaluating the performance of the Chief Executive Officer is an integral element in the governance structure of our organization. This assessment provides the Board of Directors an opportunity to evaluate and communicate to the CEO how he is performing on the job.

The assessment you are about to complete focuses on leadership competencies and characteristics demonstrated by the CEO. Fourteen critical competencies have been identified as essential to success in the CEO role.

Please respond to each of the questions asked as honestly as you can. Your responses will be  reported anonymously. Numerical responses will be averaged with the responses of others. We encourage you to use the comment areas generously to explain your responses and provide specific examples that might be helpful. Your comments will not be attributed to you. They will however be reported verbatim - they will not be edited in any way. The data collected will be summarized by Corporate Compass and reported back to the CEO, with a report to the Board of Directors.

To leave an incomplete assessment, save your responses by clicking the "Save and continue later" bar at the top of the following pages. When you do so, you will receive instructions for returning to the assessment. We will not use your responses in our report until you have clicked "Submit" on the final page of the assessment.

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