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To "Save and Continue Later"...

If you see a grey bar with the text "Save and Continue Later" at the top of the survey window, you can leave an unfinished survey or assessment, and return later to complete it. Our system will retain your responses. When you return, you will be brought back to the last page completed. Here's how...
  1. Click on the text "Save and Continue Later" in the grey bar at the top of the survey or assessment window.
  2. When you do, you will be asked to enter your email address twice (to ensure we get it right).
  3. Then click "Save" to send your request to us.
  4. Very shortly you will receive an email from us with a web link
  5. When you're ready, click that link to return to your unfinished responses.
If you are interrupted while completing a survey or assessment, clicking the original link you used to access our system should also return you to the last completed survey page, with your responses to that point.
For immediate assistance with other issues, call...

During business hours...
  • In Calgary: 403.873.9462
  • Toll Free (In Canada): 888.453.9462
Or, we can contact you...
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